We've   had   our   hearts   broken   a   couple   of   times   from   buying   puppies   and   finding   problems,   but   we   were   already   bonded   so   chose   not   to return   them.   Therefore,   our   puppies   are   vet   checked   prior   to   completion   of   sales,   but   that   doesn't   guarantee   that   a   dog   doesn't   have,   or won't, develop problems no matter whom you purchase your puppy from.
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Most   of   our   puppies   are   spoken   for   before   their   6   week   Vet   check.   We   let   the   buyer   know   the results   and   in   the   rare   case   that   a   minor   problem   (like   an   umbilical   hernia,   or   constricted nostrils)   is   found,   you   can   discuss   with   your   Vet   and   make   an   informed   decision.   Under   normal conditions   (proper   health   care   and   nutrition),   most   of   our   puppies   live   to   be   happy,   healthy,   and well adjusted dogs.
We   restrict   our   sales   of   puppies   that   have   known   major   problems   or   long-term   care needs.   For   example,   we   had   a   very   small   female   with   a   soft   spot   on   her   head   and   the couple   still   wanted   her,   so   they   agreed   not   to   breed   her.   We   kept   Baby,   though,   because she   was   poked   in   the   eye   and   required   eye   drops   and   Vet   rechecks   regularly.   She   is blind in that eye, but is a wonderful dog.
Finally,   we   raise   and   sell   our   puppies   as   purebred   Pets.   We   do   not   guarantee   them   as   breeders   or   show   quality.   We   can   only   offer   an opinion of potential based on our years of experience in breeding, and can refer you to other resources for further research.
Any questions, please email us at: mrpugman@taylorspugs.com