There are many dogs in the world, but few are as unique as the pug. By taking the time to read all about this animal, one will realize the many benefits of owning this very unique creature. Making the right decision when choosing a new pet is important for both owners and pet, so take the time to become knowledgeable about the pug dog. In the long run, it will be beneficial to all. The pug, sometimes also called the Chinese pug, is a dog that just about anyone would recognize if shown a picture or introduced to one. To some it is not the cutest dog, but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this case, millions of people around the world have found the company of a pug to be rewarding. It is stated in ancient Chinese documents, that short-nosed dogs existed in China at the time of Confucius, at around 700 BC. After the days sport, the bigger dogs followed the master's chariot, while the small and short-nosed dogs where carried in the carts. Treasures, like pearls, jade, rare animals were considered imperial property. One emperor, Ling To (168-190 AD) liked them so much, that he gave these small dogs rank, the females received the same rank as his wives. He ordered that these small dogs are to be guarded by soldiers and fed only the best meat and rice. If anyone attempted to steal one of these dogs, he or she would be sentenced to death. The original name for the short-haired pug was lo Chiang-sze and was shortened later to the word lo-sze. During the Dynasty of Yuan (1206-1333 AD), it was customary to parade all the emperor's animals in front of his guests. Right after the lions, "golden-coated nimble dogs" were presented. This might have been the time that these dogs were introduced to Europe. At 1572, William the Silent (the King of Holland) was at war with Spain. One night he was awakened by one of his Pugs (he took his Pugs with him, wherever he went) just in time to avoid being assassinated. Finally, an official record proving how important we pugs are to people! At 1688, the pug became the official dog of the Dutch royalty - the House of Orange. As Prince William traveled from Holland to England, to ascend his throne, his Pugs attended the ceremony wearing orange ribbons. At around 1736, the Pug was the secret symbol of "The Order of the Pug" (Mopsorden), a order led by the Grand Master of the Freemasons. Josephine, before her marriage to Napoleon Bonaparte, had a pug named Fortune. When they got married in 1796, Napoleon supposedly refused to let the Pug come up to their marriage bed at night. The Pug then reportedly bit the general in the leg and Josephine announced that if the dog would not stay in the bed then neither would she. From then on Napoleon shared his bed with a Pug and Josephine. The Pug spread out all over Europe, after the Civil War also in America.
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness obviously never bought a Pug".
"A house is not a home without a Pug... or two... or three..."
"We long for an affection ignorant of our faults. God has accorded this to us in the Pug".
"Pugs are like potato chips. You can't have just one"
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